Aftermarket Axeco 1041817 Air Filter Element

Pleated Media Air Intake Filter

Pleated Media Air Intake Filter 1041817

Air Intake Filters No matter what type of air compressor or blower you are using,you should be using an air intake filter. Dust, smoke, water, oilspray and other airborne contaminants can greatly reduce the lifeof your equipment. Don't allow them to enter your delicate aircompressor or blower unfiltered. Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications Specifically designed to fit your original equipment, our airintake filters offer equal to or better than performance based oneach manufacturer's stringent specifications. Since our suppliersspecialize in filtration, they are able to take OEM requirementsand combine that knowledge with their filtration experience tobuild a superior filter. Holds its Shape An eIndustrialSolutions air intake filter holds its shape underpressure and will maintain the maximum surface area for improvedperformance. Its rigid construction helps maintain even pressuredifferentials keeping filter from collapsing and shutting down yourcompressor. Better Construction Because of how it's constructed, you won't find one of our airintake filter failing prematurely. Built with such features assteel metalwork, nylon end-caps and metal to metal welding, withour air intake filter your compressor can perform better and lastlonger.   eIndustrialSolutions is an independent supplier of aftermarketcompressor replacement parts and is not affiliated withmanufacturers mentioned in this web site. Original equipmentmanufacturer (OEM) names are the trademarks of each manufacturer.On products marked "equivalent" or "replacement," OEM names andpart numbers are for reference only.