Our Culture

Industrial Service Solutions is a team of self-confident associates who have can-do attitudes and always strive to anticipate, learn, and adapt but are not afraid to act. We recognize and reward the behavioral traits of integrity, character, candor, humor, teamwork, and both individual and joint accountability. Our culture enables us to offer small-company competitiveness with large-company capabilities and process disciplines.

Our Safety

Our approach to safety is to maximize the prevention of injuries by developing a Safety First culture
where No One Gets Hurt. At Industrial Service Solutions we understand the importance of a heathy,
safe work environment for all employees, visitors, and partners. Our most valuable resources are the
people who work for us. All accidents in the workplace are preventable and our ultimate goal is to
reduce the number of injuries to zero.

It is our company's commitment to expand the awareness of safety and health management systems,
create an environment that promotes employee involvement in a safe workplace, and improve hazard
recognition. To support this Industrial Service Solutions:

  • Fosters a culture of Safety First where No One Gets Hurt in everything we do.
  • Complies with all relevant laws and regulations for safety, environmental, and business dealings.
  • Follows to the best of our ability all standards, codes, and accepted industry practices in the exercise of our business.
  • Manages disposal of all wastes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Provides education, training, and support to further our work places and environment.

If something goes wrong, we acknowledge and fix it, and create an environment
where No One Gets Hurt.

Our Locations

With over 45 locations throughout the United States, we provide local knowledge with national
experience. Each is strategically located to support maximum quality and responsiveness to our
growing customer base.