Aftermarket Broomwade 98245-121 Coalescing Filter Element

Pre-Filter High Efficiency Filter Element

Pre-Filter High Efficiency Filter Element 98245-121

The CompAir family includes many ofthe best-known brands in the industry, including CompAir Canada,Quantima, Gardner Denver, Hydrovane, Bottarini, BroomWade, Cyclon,Mako, Dryclon, Holman, Kellogg, Leroi, and Reavell.

Coalescing (Pre-Filter) Filters

Often called the pre-filter since itis placed on the air line just prior to the air dryer, a coalescingfilter removes oil, particles and moisture before it can come incontact with the desiccant in the dryer and ruin it.

Our Coalescing Filter Replacementscome with a manufacturer's warranty that matches or exceeds theoriginal OEM warranty.

Original equipmentmanufacturer (OEM) names are the trademarks of each manufacturer.On products marked "replacement," OEM names and part numbers arefor reference only.

Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement