Aftermarket Deltech 816E Coalescing Filter Element

High Efficiency Filter Element .01 Micron/.01 ppm Oil Removal

High Efficiency Filter Element .01 Micron/.01 ppm Oil Removal 816E

  • Filter Media: Glass fiber
  • End Caps: Stainless steel and nylon
  • Support Core: Perforated carbon steel
  • DOP efficiency: exceeds 99.9999%, and this filter element has atested efficiency of 99.9% at a particle size of 0.01 micron.
  • Lowest Pressure Drop: Initial pressure drop is only 0.4 psi.Pressure drop averaged over the extended element life is only 3.5psi.
  • Longest Element Life: Pre-separation of particulates extendsservice life to approximately twice that of other elements.

About the Filter Elements Design

Superior design and construction combine to provide multistagefiltration which effectively removes dirt, fine oil mists, liquidoil and water without a prefilter. Impingement and centrifugalseparation remove up to 99% of particles, oil droplets and slugs ofwater before the air reaches the filter element. This reducespressure drop and extends element life. The pre-cleaned air thenpasses through a multi-layered element; each layer removesprogressively smaller particles, mists and droplets.

Superior Performance Lowers Filtration Cost

Tests show that under the same service conditions, 810 Serieselements last up to twice as long as other elements and have onlyhalf the average pressure drop. Fewer element changes mean lessdowntime and higher productivity; lower pressure drop means lesselectric power consumed by the compressor to maintain systempressure."

Filtration Type      :      High Efficiency Filtration
Maximum Oil Carryover      :      0.01 ppm Oil Removal
Micron Rating      :      0.01 Micron
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement