Aftermarket Driltech 3765-053 Cartridge Oil Filter

Replacement for Driltech 3765-053 Cartridge Oil Filter

Replacement for Driltech 3765-053 Cartridge Oil Filter 3765-053

Oil Filters

Oil Filters present the second barrierof protection. These are usually rated at 10 to 20 microns. Filtermaterial is also paper or synthetic, and can be surface loading ordepth loading. (contaminants enter the filter media and are trappedwithin the depth of the media, rather than only on thesurface.)

Canister (Cartridge) Oil FilterElement - This consists of an element inside a metalcanister. The canister must be opened, and the new filter installedinside the cavity. This element may be a variety of materials(metal mesh, synthetic, paper, or cloth) and will be manufacturedwith micron ratings compatible to the OEM specifications.

Spin-On Oil FilterElement - Simple removal by spinning off and replacing theelement. Manufactured of synthetic, paper, metal mesh or cloth,with a micron rating which varies based on manufacturerspecifications.

The proper selection and use ofcompressed air filters will prevent many short and long termproblems with your compressed air equipment and systems and saveyou substantially in down-time and component replacement costs overthe life of your compressed air system.

Our Oil Filter Replacements come with amanufacturer's warranty that matches or exceeds the original OEMwarranty and specifications.

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Brand Reference      :      Drilltech
Filter Design      :      Cartridge
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement
  • Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications
  • Cost Effective Solution To OEM Parts
  • Using Aftermarket Parts Will Not Void Your Warranty
  • OEM Names And Part Numbers Are For Reference Only