Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand 32194151 Ring Kit

Ring Kit Model Numbers 7S3 (L.P.), 25T2 (H.P.), 30T (H.P.), 41 (L.P.), 242 (L.P.), 244 (L.P.), 244H (L.P.), V244 (L.P.) and 3000 (H.P.)

Ring Kit Model Numbers 7S3 (L.P.), 25T2 (H.P.), 30T (H.P.), 41 (L.P.), 242 (L.P.), 244 (L.P.), 244H (L.P.), V244 (L.P.) and 3000 (H.P.) 32194151

Recommended as Required Our Ingersoll Rand 32194151 Equivalent Ring Kit containsall the parts necessary to replace either the high or lowpressure piston rings on IngersollRand Compressor Models 7S3 (L.P.), 25T2 (H.P.), 30T (H.P.), 41(L.P.), 242 (L.P.), 244 (L.P.), 244H (L.P.), V244 (L.P.) and 3000(H.P.).  Worn piston rings are often a contributing factorin the decline in performance of a compressor that has been inservice for an extensive period of time. IngersollRand recommends replacing the piston rings when acompressor does not meet its normal air delivery or when its oilconsumption is considered to be excessive. Generally, anycompressor consuming more than 2 oz. of oil per 100horse-power-hours does not meet commercial standards and wouldrequire piston ring replacement. eIndustrialSolutions provides quality IngersollRand equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEMspecifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective thanbrand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in yourannual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement