Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand 37007408 Gasket Kit

Gasket Kit Model Number 15T4/H15T4

Gasket Kit Model Number 15T4/H15T4 37007408

Recommended as Needed Our Ingersoll Rand 37007408 Equivalent Gasket Kit containsall the parts necessary to replace the gasketson Ingersoll Rand Compressor Model 15T4/H15T4. Ingersoll Rand recommends inspecting the gaskets regularlyand servicing them when there is noticable cracks or wear. Withtime, these gaskets become brittle and dried out and do notprovide an effective seal when reused. Replacing all the gasketswhen the unit is disassembled can eliminate having to scheduleanother costly shutdown to replace a potential leakinggasket.   eIndustrialSolutions provides quality IngersollRand equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEMspecifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective thanbrand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in yourannual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.