Aftermarket Kaeser USFS100 Particulate Filter Element

Filtered Separator Element 5 Micron / 5 ppm Oil Removal

Filtered Separator Element 5 Micron / 5 ppm Oil Removal USFS100

Particulate (After-Filter) Filters

A particulate filter, also known asan after-filter, is usually located just after the desiccant airdryer to remove harmful liquid oil, water condensate, pipe scale,dirt and rust from your compressed air system. This helps preventscontaminants & corrosive damage to compressed air equipment andfinished products. If the particulate filter gets soiled morefrequently than what is typical for your environment, it may betime to replace the desiccant.

Our Particulate Filter Replacementscome with a manufacture's warranty that matches or exceeds theoriginal OEM warranty.

Original equipmentmanufacturer (OEM) names are the trademarks of each manufacturer.On products marked "replacement," OEM names and part numbers arefor reference only.

Filtration Type      :      Coarse Filtration
Maximum Oil Carryover      :      5 ppm Oil Removal
Micron Rating      :      5 Micron
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement