Aftermarket Quincy 122117-3 Air/Oil Separator

Wrapped Air/Oil SeparatorBase 10.75" X 9.06" Tall

Wrapped Air/Oil SeparatorBase 10.75" X 9.06" Tall 122117-3

Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications

An eIndustrialSolutions separator holds its shape under pressure andwill maintain the maximum filtering surface area for improvedperformance. Its rigid construction helps maintain more evenpressure differentials keeping the filter from collapsing andshutting down your compressor.

Our separators are designed with retainer clips that arepre-positioned and welded to the flange and bottom plate to ensuremetal to metal contact throughout the separator package. This alsoadds critical strength that keeps our elements from distortingduring operation.

When you use an eIndustrialSolutions - round is what it is. Because ofhow it's constructed each element produced is identical. You won'tfind a eIndustrialSolutions separator failing prematurely. You get lessthan 3PPM oil carry-over as a consistent standard. With our air/oilseparators, your compressors perform better, use significantly lessoil, and last longer.

Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement
Style      :      Cartridge