Aftermarket Solberg 239P Air Filter Element

Pleated Media Air Intake Filter

Pleated Media Air Intake Filter 239P

Model Number Media Rated Flow Surface Area ID OD HT 239P Polyester 750 13.00 4.88 9.25 10.00 U.S. Measure (in., sq feet, cubic ft/minute, lbs) Features Temp (continuous): min -15° F ( -26°C) max 220° F (104° C) Filter change out differential:10"-15" in. H2O above initial delta P Less maintenance More durable than paper media Moisture resistant Handles hot air and oil mist fromunload cycle of reciprocating/piston compressor Reinforced with epoxy coated steelwire on both sides of cloth Washable - lukewarm water & milddetergent Dust loading capacity is increased 40% - 50% with polyurethane prefilter Optimal sealing surface &design 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5micron Dimensional Drawing