Aftermarket York N (5 Gal.) Refrigeration Oil

Premium Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Premium Refrigeration Compressor Oil 011 00595 000

This Refrigeration Oil is a synthetic refrigeration lubricant formulated with premium polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base oils. This series is designed for a wide variety of automotive aftermarket air conditioning applications with R-134A. It is important in automotive air conditioning systems that the lubricant has adequate solubility in the refrigerant (R-134A). PAG lubricants were chosen for use in all new R-134A systems and are further recommended by all major car manufacturers for use when retrofitting R-12 vehicles with R-134A. Our state-of-the-art additive technology allows us to blend premium quality PAG refrigeration oils with outstanding solubility and stability..    eIndustrialSolutions is anindependent supplier of aftermarket compressor replacement partsand is not affiliated with manufacturers mentioned in this website. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) names are thetrademarks of each manufacturer. On products marked "equivalent" or"replacement," OEM names and part numbers are for referenceonly.

Container Size      :      5 Gallon
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement