Aircel MIS-8000 Mist Eliminator

8000 CFM 10" Connection 88" Tall X 32" Wide

8000 CFM 10" Connection 88" Tall X 32" Wide 1212280

Aircel provides a full line of misteliminators to effectively remove oil, solids and water from yourcompressed air system. In addition, this technology can serve as anefficient prefilter and contaminant separator for refrigerated anddesiccant compressed air dryers.  By reducing the liquidloading potential and preventing liquid slugs from reaching thedryer, it will extend the life of your refrigerated dryer's heatexchanger or the life of desiccant in regenerative dryers. Element Features ¢ High efficiency pleated construction. ¢ High efficiency needled polyester outer layer particulateremoval. ¢ Two stage borosilicate glass coalescing media. ¢ Unique threaded element "design" (patent pending) requires nointernal loose parts and no internal housing center core. ¢ The filter element will collect particles greater than 1 micronwith 99.5% efficiency. Particles 0.5 micron in size will befiltered at an efficiency of 99.3%. Brochure Download moreinformation for the MIS Mist Eliminator series.