Aircel WA-3000 Water-Cooled Aftercooler

3,000 SCFM Tube 4"/Shell 3" NPT, Single Pass Design

3,000 SCFM Tube 4"/Shell 3" NPT, Single Pass Design AG3010501

Aircel Water-Cooled Aftercoolers and separators are an idealcombination to remove troublesome moisture from compressed air.With proper installation of aftercoolers and matching liquidseparators, it has shown that they perform effectively inmaintaining trouble-free operation of compressed air equipment. Bylowering the temperature of the compressed air in downstream airlines using water-cooled aftercoolers, up to 70% of the water vaporpresent condenses to a liquid, which can then be removed bymoisture separators. Features & Benefits €¢ Single pass design with smooth surface copper tubes minimizesfouling and allows lower pressure drop. Two pss design isavailable, contact customer service. €¢ Counter-flow shell and tube design provides close approachtemperature; gains maximum heat removal benefit from expensivecooling water. €¢ Cooper heat exchanger surfaces provide excellent heat transferrate. €¢ Seamless shells have maximum rupture strength and corrosionresistance. €¢ Tube rolled into tubesheet eliminates thermal stress. €¢ Removable end bonnets facilitate cleaning and servicing. €¢ Drain ports on shell side for easy maintenance. €¢ Compact package provides smaller footprint. €¢ Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions. €¢ Matching Water Separator available online, see chart below formatching model. Dimensions & Specifications Capacity(scfm) Dimensions(inches) Connections(NPT) Model Number Rotary 200°FInlet 2-Stage 250°FInlet Diameter Length Weight(lbs.) Water Air Matching SeparatorModel WA-3000 3,000 2,800 8 98.62 390 3.0 4.0 LS3500* *Contact us toll-free: 866-650-1937 for details and pricingon the matching water separator LS models.