BEKO 4010714 Cartridge Set for QWIK-PURE 350 Oil/Water Separator

Cartridge Set (Pre-Filter & Main Filter)

Cartridge Set (Pre-Filter & Main Filter) 4010714

Replacement Cartridge Set for BEKO QWIK-PURE350Oil/Water Separator.   Pre-filter(gal) Cartridge Capacity(gal) Weight(lbs) CARTRIDGE SET for QWIK-PURE350 1 x 9.6 1 x 10.6 24.5 Compressed air holds a lot of water vapor, and once that vaporbecomes cooled into a liquid (condensate) what's created is adirty, oily watery mixture that can't simply be sent down thedrain. Since the condensate is approximately 95% water and 5% oil,condensate management systems (oil/water separators) have beendeveloped to reduce or eliminate the amount of oil in thecondensate.