CDI CA24 Load Genie Unloader Check Valve

3/4" OD Tube Compression Inlet 1/2" MPT Outlet, 8-24 SCFM

3/4" OD Tube Compression Inlet 1/2" MPT Outlet, 8-24 SCFM CA24

A compressor running in a "start-stop" mode operates moreefficiently if the pressure trapped in the compressor head anddischarge line is released after each pump-up cycle. This allowssmoother starts and the use of a motor with lower startingtorque. The most convenient way to release this trapped pressure is touse a Load Genie combination check and unloader valve, availableonly from Control Devices, Inc. Simply install this unique valve inthe compressor discharge line, and the Load Genie does therest! The Load Genie senses air flow when the compressor is runningand closes an unloading orifice port. When airflow stops (such aswhen the pressure switch turns off the motor), the Load Genieopens the unloading orifice to release head pressure, and thebuilt-in check valve keeps receiver air from leaking back into thedischarge line and compressor head. Alternative methods rely on external unloading valves mounted onthe pressure switch or compressor. These external unloading valvesare connected with appropriate tubing and fittings to thecompressor discharge line or compressor head. A tank check valve isalso required. These systems, then consist of the unloading valve,connecting tubing with appropriate fittings, a tank check valve,and the labour to install it all. Compare this to the single component installation of a Load Genieand the advantages are apparent. ModelName InletSize OutletSize Min & Max FlowSCFM Lenght(mm) Hex (mm) CA24 3/4" O.D. tube compression 1/2" MPT 8-24 54.0" 25.4"