Deltech Hydroclean OWS150 Series Oil/Water Separator

150 SCFM 1/2" NPT Connection

150 SCFM 1/2" NPT Connection 1215026

Specifications If you have questions on the DeltechHydroclean Oil/Water Separator or would like to order the OWS150series, contact our customer service team toll-free: 866-650-1937or email us. ModelNumber* Max SCFM @ 90°F/90%RH** Max SCFM @ 70°F/70%RH Height(in.) Width(in.) Depth(in.) CondensateInlets WaterOutlet Oil Container Vol Gal. System Weight(lbs.) OWS150 150 357 30 26.5 19 (3) 1/2" 3/4" 1.5 53 *The OWS is not recommended for usewith emulsifying lubricants such as Polyglycol, ATF, or Motor Oillubricants with heavy additive packages. **The above ratings are based on a rotary screw type aircompressor standards of 2-3 ppm carry operating on an ISO32/46 PAOor Turbine Lubricant with the best demulsibility in their class.The maximum CFM capacity ratings listed may be increased by 25% ifa refrigerated air dryer is not used. Features & Benefits Real life reliability designed for90°F @ 90% RH summertime conditions Improved filter design exclusivesubmerged reverse flow pre-absorber & extra-wide filter bedsresult in long service life and cleaner discharge water. Especiallyduring hot and humid weather conditions. Reduced maintenance filters typicallylast up to 40% longer. Flow indicator verifies when carbonbed requires replacement. Stores evidence of decreased flowcondition until manually reset. User friendly diffuser rotates at 90°intervals to make it easy to pipe your Condensate Drains to three1/2" NPT inlet piping connections. Elevated carbon bed handles(AS30/60>) to keep you cleaner.