Donaldson DF0320V Particulate Filter Assembly (188 SCFM, 1" NPT with Gauge & Float Drain)

99.9% on 5 Micron / 1 ppm Oil Removal

99.9% on 5 Micron / 1 ppm Oil Removal 1C484540-63 & 1C486043
  • Brand Name: Donaldson®
  • PN: 1C484540-63 & 1C486043
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If you have questions call our customer service toll-free866-650-1937 or email Model Specifications Model Number Capacity1 (scfm) Connection (inches NPT) Particle Retention Rate Dimensions (inches) Model2 Style Weight3 (lbs) ReplacementElement Height Width Type Size Qty. DF0320V 188 1 90% onISO fine dust 17.5 6 Standard 6 V 0320 1 1 Capacity based on 100 psig inlet pressure. 2 Standard: Standard with float condensate drainand Econometer. 3 Without filter element. Commonly referred to as an after-filter because oftheir placement on the air line just after a desiccant air dryer, theseParticulate Filter Assemblies capture the fine desiccant particlescoming off the dryer before they can damage equipment or productbatches down the line. The Donaldson DF Filters are designedfor high quality filtration of compressed air or gas in a widerange of applications. The total filter design concept of thefilter combines high performance, efficiency, ease of use,flexibility, and safety. Features: Coalescing/Particulate FilterAssembly Includes Filter Element Particle Removal Rate: 90% on ISOfine dust Residual Oil Content: 1 ppm Initial ?p Dry (psid): 1 Initial ?p Wet (psid): 1.1 Application:Coalescing/Particulate Inlet differential pressure in oil wetted state of elementincluding housing and residual oil content based on inletconcentration of 3 ppm per ISO 12500-1.