ISO Grade 100 Diester (5 gal.)

Premium Compressor Oil

Premium Compressor Oil 1213476

Applications Useful life: SAE Grade 30 | ISO Viscosity Grade 100 Diester-basedoil is useful under normal operating conditions for 4000 hours inrotary vanes, and 8000 hours in reciprocating crankcases. Pleasecontact Ultrachem for scheduled change intervals on high pressureunits. Energy reduction: SAE Grade 30 | ISO Viscosity Grade 100Diester-based oils have extensive data showing energy reductions oncompressor drive units averaging 6.7% on recips and 8.3% on rotaryscrews. Software compatibility: The diester oils are compatiblewith most currently used compressor components including seals,paints and plastics. However, some materials are not recommendedfor use with diester oils. Download Lubricant Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)