ISO Grade 320 Synthetic Blend Gas Compressor Oil (55 Gal.)

Premium Gas Compressor Oil

Premium Gas Compressor Oil 1287345

This Gas Compressor Oil is a full synthetic blend, formulated utilizing superior base stock fortified with a proprietary additive package. They were designed to inhibit the formation of varnish and carbon build-up and also will protect against thermal break down and extend oxidative stability. These oils provide extended equipment life and decrease lubricant drain intervals.    eIndustrialSolutions is anindependent supplier of aftermarket compressor partsand is not affiliated with manufacturers mentioned in this website. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) names are thetrademarks of each manufacturer. On products marked "equivalent" or"replacement," OEM names and part numbers are for referenceonly.

Container Size      :      55 Gallon
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement