Kingston KCV234-6-6 In Tank Check Valve

1" X 1" NPT

1" X 1" NPT KCV234-6-6

Model KCV234 Vertical In-Tank Check Valve offers a one piecebody with high flow rates. Kingston Vertical Check Valves aredesigned for use on the discharge line of lubricated ornon-lubricated air compressors to prevent back flow from the airtank. The Model KCV234 Vertical In-Tank Check Valve is a premiumquality check valve at an economical price. It is constructed frombrass and features a glass-filled Teflon Disc for durability. 1/8"NPT sideport standard. Zinc coated snap ring for added corrosionresistance. Maximum operating pressure 400 psi Temperature range -250°F to 350°F Detail Features:  1/8 inch, plugged unloader port, standard. Brass Construction, ASTM B16. Designed for lubricated or non-lubricated air compressors. Designed specifially for use in vertical pipe lines. Features a glass filled Teflon Disc for durability in high andlow temperature applications. High Flow Rate. Kingston quality design, engineering and precisionmanufacturing. Precision machined for smooth operation. Precision Machined with Soft Seat. Stainless steel spring. Teflon disc for high/low temperature applications. Tested in National Board Approved Quality AssuranceProcess. Zinc coated snap ring for added corrosion resistance. ModelName InletSize OutletSize Min Temp Max Temp PressureRange Height Width Thickness Hex KCV234-6-6 1" 1" -250 350 1-400 4-1/16" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2"