Pneumatech OWS-300 Oil/Water Separator (307 CFM @ 77F Temp @ 60% RH)

(2) 1/2" NPT Inlets and (1) 3/4" NPT Outlet

(2) 1/2" NPT Inlets and (1) 3/4" NPT Outlet 8102046243

OWS Series - Oil/Water Separators The extensive OWS series from Pneumatech uses patented technology to separate all kinds of compressed air condensate. The patented technology of the Pneumatech OWS Condensate Separator minimizes the collection and treatment cost of compressed air waste products. Compatible with all compressed air condensate, this universal system can easily be integrated into any compressed air installation. Two filtration stages (oleophilic filtration and activated carbon filtration) give a guarantee of minimum oil content in the condensate before disposal.