Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand 32249294 Valve/Head Rebuild Kit

Replacement for Ingersoll Rand 32249294 Valve/Head Rebuild Kit, Model 242

Replacement for Ingersoll Rand 32249294 Valve/Head Rebuild Kit, Model 242 32249294

When air delivery has dropped off, one of the symptoms isusually a leaking or defective valve. We recommendour 32249294 Valve/Head Rebuild Kit. Our IngersollRand equivalent repair kit contains all the necessary partsfor a valve rebuild.

Upon reassembly, make certain the valves lay flat againstthe seating surface surrounding the port hole. Otherwise the valveswill leak air, resulting in carbonization and reduced compressoroutput.

eIndustrialSolutions provides quality Ingersoll Rand equivalent partsthat meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts aremore cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allowfor a reduction in you annual maintenance costs over the life ofthe compressor.

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Brand Reference      :      Ingersoll Rand
Compressor Model 1      :      Model 242
Compressor Series      :      Type 30
Compressor Type      :      Reciprocating
Product Type      :      Aftermarket/Replacement
  • Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications
  • Cost Effective Solution To OEM Parts
  • Using Aftermarket Parts Will Not Void Your Warranty
  • OEM Names And Part Numbers Are For Reference Only